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It is standard stick framing built in a factory, packaged and shipped in easily erected cost effective wall panels rather than built on the job site. It is NOT modular construction nor a manufactured home. Panelized kit homes are the future of construction.

Already used in commercial work

Large builders are already using panelized frames to speed up their work, and bring efficiencies to their projects.

It is standard stick framing

Built in a factory, packaged and shipped in easily erected cost effective wall panels rather than built on the job site.


Frame is assembled in a factory


Then shipped to the job site


Then erected quickly onsite


Resulting in a completed frame that’s been built efficiently and cost-effectively


Ready to move in!


higher custom quality than on-site framing
reduced need for on-site construction labor
time savings result in cost savings
cleaner site provides safer work environment
reduced downtime for inclement weather
pre-engineered plans or complete design flexibility
perfect for the owner/contractor, DIY home builder or general contractor 
higher quality framing at a better price

What it's NOT

Modular construction nor a manufactured home. Panelized kit homes are the future of construction.


Bay Area Packaged Homes supplies panelized custom framing packages for the Owner/Builder or Contractor either from our pre-engineered plans or plans from an architect.  These precut packages are quality panelized frames built in a controlled factory environment.

We can assist you in all of the preliminary phases of your project.  We can help you with your floor plans and construction drawings.  In addition, we can guide you through the permit process and help develop full construction drawings for your city’s permit process.

Bay Area Packaged Homes is a licensed general contractor in California, and we provide full construction services.  In addition to helping you with the permit process and ordering of a framing package, we can build the foundation, erect the framing package, complete all construction work and finishes, and connect utilities to your project.  We have worked with lots of projects with framing packages, and have a lot of expertise in putting them up and completing entire homes and ADUs.

Our packages are a traditionally framed custom home. A packaged home is the framing for a traditionally-built home, except that the frame is built off-site, transported to the site and erected on a foundation. The framing sections are built in a factory environment allowing for better quality control and less waste.  Standard building practices and California Building Codes are followed. A packaged home is not a modular or manufactured home. We build only the wall sections and roof trusses in a factory environment. allowing for increased quality and a shorter construction time on your site.

There is no difference between a contractor-built home and a pre-cut home or packaged home in terms of the construction process.  The key difference is that a panelized packaged home is built in a factory environment with high precision and high quality materials.  The assembly line process guarantees consistency in the product and uses the best available materials.  Your home panels and roof trusses arrive dry as a result and there is little or no shrinkage.  This method of factory construction reduces jobsite waste, and the panels are sized that smaller crews are needed at the job site than traditional stick framing, saving you money in the process.

A prefab home kit or panel home kit is the most cost effective method of custom construction whether using a general contractor or acting as a DIY owner/builder.  You may do some or all of the work, or hire sub-contractors directly to keep your building costs down.  Since the wall panels and roof trusses are constructed in a controlled environment, you have a higher quality of building and less job waste.  Panelized wall framing allows for a shorter construction time frame and reduces the downtime from inclement weather.

A package includes the exterior walls with the structural sheathing nailed and the windows installed, interior framed walls, engineered roof trusses, roof sheathing, second floor joists and sheathing.  A detailed specification for each project is provided detailing what is included in the package depending on the design of the pre-engineered plan or custom home design.



Our pre-engineered plans can have revisions and modifications.  Please contact us to discuss the changes you are interested in making and we will verify the feasibility of the changes with our draftsperson and engineer.  If you would rather create your own plan, we offer drafting and engineering services.  Many of the homes we deliver are unique custom designed homes and a respresentative from North Coast Packaged Homes will be happy to help you with your project.  If you have plans already, we can provide you with a quote for a panelized home framing package from your plans.

Construction costs vary depending on the contractor, the area you are building in, the amount of work, which you can complete yourself or sub-contract and the finish materials you choose.  The cost if one acts as an DIY owner/contractor utilizing sub-contractors is approximately $300 per square foot, depending on the area you are building in.   (The cost of finishing your home depends on the labor costs of the area you live in and the finishes you choose.)  If you use a General Contractor their fee will be in addition.  This price does NOT include the cost of the lot or property development such as grading, utilities, driveway and permits/professional fees.  There is a slightly higher cost for sloped sites, sites requiring special foundations or sites with difficult access. Different areas also have different planning and building code requirements that can add to the overall cost of construction.

There is sales tax on the value of the package.  Freight will be calculated and included in the final price depending on the location of the jobsite and the number of trucks necessary for the delivery based on the size of the home package.

Yes, we can deliver to anywhere in The Bay Area or nearby areas.  The framing package will be built to California Building Codes.  A member of our staff will evaluate your delivery to help make arrangements for a smooth delivery.

Permit fees vary by county and parcel number.  You may contact your local building department for the county you are building in, provide your address or assessor’s parcel number and they can provide you with the necessary information.  You may need to contact other agencies to obtain sewer and water hook-up fees and school, road and fire department fees.

While we don’t provide financing, we can work with your lenders that are providing with construction financing.

First, for pre-engineered plans you contract for the plans to be drawn specifically for your site.  (Please contact us for the price of the plans and package which depends on whether you are using one of our pre-engineered plans, a modified version or custom plans of your own design.)  Plans take generally 6 to 10 weeks depending on the season and modifications for the pre-engineered plans and 12 to 14 weeks for custom plans.

Once you have your fully engineered stamped plans either from us or your architect, you may submit these plans along with your site plan, Title 24 and fire sprinkler plan to your local building department.  The length of time for plan check varies from one building department to the next.  Additionally, each department has different requirements for submittal and it is best to check early to see what your local department requires.

While your home is in for plan check, we can begin to talk about a date for the delivery of your panelized home package allowing time for your foundation and if a perimeter foundation the sub-floor to be completed.  We typically need 4 to 6 weeks lead time for the delivery of the package depending on the season.

We are a licensed general contractor and can build your foundation, put up the frame, finish the home, make utility connections, and pass all the inspections conducted by your building department.

If you want to put up the frame yourself, the pre-engineered packages are designed for simplicity with the DIY Owner/Builder in mind.  The panel plans are very clear.  Many of our packages have been erected by the purchaser with the assistance of one person with framing experience.

Typically for an average one story 2,000 square foot house, the framing package can be erected in a matter of days.  The estimated completion time from foundation to drywall is 4 to 5 months.  This time frame can vary tremendously depending on the experience of the builder and whether or not this is a full-time job or just a weekend project.  We recommend hiring a licensed general contractor, who will have prior experience doing construction work and dealing with building inspectors.